anatomical illustration showing a GI tract with various diseases

Surgical Stapling

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 ...photographs may be seen as too jarring, whereas illustration can provide a gentler look

Dusting off an old favorite

The cover piece for this series was created with a traditional technique I truly enjoy: color pencil on a brownline print with a touch of oil paint. Although it was created for a different purpose long ago, it was chosen for re-use as the cover image for a new U.S Surgical promotion designed to showcase their surgical staplers.

Medical device illustration of a surgical stapler removing a pulmonary cyst
An endoscopic stapler and forceps used for pulmonary cyst removal. The circular image represents the surgeon's view through the scope.

Several new images were commissioned as part of the project, but the request was made for a cleaner look that still showed a bit of line work. In the end most of the linework was removed from these images in favor of a more modern feel, but one that was still cohesive with the cover image.

Moving on down the line

Surgical staplers are used for a variety of procedures, but a prominant use is partial resection of various portions of our GI tract, from the stomach on down. The request was made for impactful pathology images that were not repulsive.

This is a great example of a time when photographs may be seen as too jarring, whereas illustration can provide a gentler look.

Pathology illustration of IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Nothing like a bit of pleasant pathology! This image depicts Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Not to be confused with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Or Investor's Business Daily :)

Pathology illustration of diverticulosis
This diverticulosis image shows a progression of the disease, with the inflammed diverticula representing diverticulitis. This is typically when pain sets in.

Finally, a number of diagrammatic representations of various types of resections were created. These types of drawings are often drawn as diagrams, but I like the added presence that realistic rendering adds.

medical diagram illustrating various kinds of colonic resections
Sure, this could be done with simple graphics, but there's something a bit more intriguing when a rendered illustration is used – even as a diagram.
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