cellular illustration of normal squamous cell cytology

Squamous cells

cellular illustration of low-grade dysplasia in squamous cell cytology


cellular illustration of high-grade dysplasia in squamous cell cytology


cellular illustration of cancerous squamous cell cytology

Squamous cell

Squamous cell cytology

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Fighting cervical cancer

This series was created for the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) and appeared in their medical text Modern Colposcopy along with roughly 300 other illustrations created by Robert Finkbeiner and myself. It depicts the progression of dysplasia in squamous cells as it occurs in the cervix. The drawing shows the gross cytology of the cells, particularly the change in shape and size as well as the changes in the nucleus. These are the characteristics a physician looks for when examining the cells collected from a pap smear.

These are the characteristics a physician looks for...

The greater mission

The ASCCP uses Modern Colposcopy as a training tool for physicians around the globe. Cervical cancer is the fourth most diagnosed cancer among women worldwide, but only the second in wealthier countries due to better and more frequent screening. The mission of the ASSCP is to raise the level of screening throughout the world.

Having the opportunity to play a small part in missions like this is one of the most satisying aspects of being a medical illustrator.

Exceptional Talent

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