medical photo illustration of a senior man's sternum to advertise Bone Wax

Bone Wax

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    U.S. Surgical / Medtronic
    Norwalk, CT / Minnepolis, MN
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 ...I never knew such a thing as bone wax even existed.

Medical devices

The world of medical devices is fascinating, partly because they document the progress of medicine as a discipline.

This project put a smile on my face because I never knew such a thing as bone wax even existed, but it certainly does – and has since the 19th century. It's an organic wax that is applied to the cut surfaces of bones to stop the bleeding, keep the surface moist and aid in healing. A prime example of its use is the sternum during open heart surgery, where the cut surfaces might be exposed to air for four or more hours before being joined together again.

Aside from learning about bone wax, this was a fun project because it offered the opportunity to blend illustration with photography. The photograph is perfectly posed for an image like this, making the result quite compelling.

medical illustration of a cut sternum where Bone Wax would be applied
Bone wax is applied to the cut surfaces of bones, such as this cut sternum.

Providing flexibility

I knew ahead of time that only the left side of the image would be shown on the final product sheet, but went ahead and painted into the right side in order to give maximum flexibility to the art director. I always draw beyond the prescribed image area in order to provide flexibility in the final positioning of the image.

medical photo illustration of a sternum - bone wax brochure

In the end the art director allowed the right side to appear ghosted under the foreground type, so the extra illustrated area worked out nicely.

Exceptional Talent

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