John Foerster
medical illustrator

From the Heart

Selected projects...

medical illustration depicting a diseased GI tract

Gastrointestinal Diseases

US Surgical / Medtronic
medical illustration of the human brain with an embolus causing an ischemic stroke

Ischemic Stroke

Time Life
veterinary illustration of a Golden Retriever with superimposed skeleton

Canine Osteoarthritis

Colle McVoy
molecular illustration showing the formation of an HPV capsid

Formation of HPV Capsid

Veterinary painting of a Beagle undergoing a rib test

Rib Test

technical illustration depicting artificial turf structure


Brown Bag
veterinary illustration depicting canine heart with heartworms

Frontline Plus

Colle McVoy
medical illustration of a woman undergoing a dental exam

Dental Discomfort

US Surgical / Medtronic
medical Illustration of a stomach with bariatric cuff applied

Echelon60 Stapler

US Surgical / Medtronic
device illustration of a feline blood testing device

Witness™ FFH

Brown Bag
medical illustration depicting squamous cell carcinoma on a cellular level

Squamous Cell

medical Illustration of a sternum superimposed over a photo

Bone Wax

US Surgical/Medtronic
medical pen and ink illustration depicting a visceral rotation surgical procedure

Rutherford's Atlas

Saunders / Elsevier
medical illustration of female perineal anatomy

Anatomical Illustration

(includes human cadaver references)
veterinary illustration of a Dachshund

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